Premium ductile iron detectable warning plate

Replaceable and easy to install.
The cast iron plates from DWS are lighter weight and cast from an extremely durable ductile iron. They are designed for use in cold harsh climates with snow removal concerns. The plate design allows for easy installation and simple replacement should the need ever arise.
Replaceable and easy to install – unique anchor bars and stainless steel hardware set easily and eliminate the high replacement cost of traditional cast iron plates

Durable, yet lighter weight – premium ductile iron, but with a design that eliminates unnecessary weight

Delivered ready to install – anchor bars in place

Available wedge plates – for radius applications

Natural patina or premium colors – weathers to an aesthetic natural patina finish, or premium colors via an e-coat then powder coat process

Compliant slip resistance of .90


Unique design with incorporated anchor bars allows for lighter weight, easier installation and replacement of the plates if ever needed.


Step 1 – Finish wet concrete to ramp and street level height.

Step 2 – Place Cast Iron plate in required location, generally 2 – 6 inches from the street or curb & gutter.

Step 3 – Embed plate into the concrete by pressing, using a rubber mallet, or standing on the plate. Imbed so surface of the plate is flush with the surrounding concrete.

Step 4 – Finish concrete around the plate.

Cast Iron Installtion Steps
We recommend the uncoated cast iron panels which weather to a natural patina color. Coated panels are available in yellow, brick red and gray.


Uncoated (weathered patina)


Brick Red


Mats are available in the following sizes: 2’x2′, 2’x3′, 2’x4′, 2’x5′, 10′ radius wedge, and the 15′ radius wedge for radius applications.

2′ x 2′

2′ x 3′

2′ x 4′

2′ x 5′


10′ Radius


15′ Radius



Engineers and Architects – Contact us for CAD drawings and other specific needs