Installing the Cast-In-Place 

Step 1

Confirm with Contractor that the freshly poured concrete ramp meets design criteria and that the proper location for the AlertCast placement has been determined as required by the ADA guidelines or your local governing authority.

Step 2

AlertCast is shipped with Penetrator™ anchors in place and panel ready for immediate installation.  Penetrator™ anchors are specifically designed to enable ease of installation through minimal concrete displacement while providing enhanced holding features.

Step 3

Carefully place the AlertCast into the wet concrete (generally 6″ to 8″ from the bottom of the curb ramp). Gently tap the edges of the AlertCast down level with the surrounding concrete surface using a rubber mallet. A properly installed AlertCast should have no air pockets beneath the product’s surface. If necessary, a concrete vibrator can be used on the top of the product during installation to minimize potential voids beneath the panel.

Step 4

Once the AlertCast has been tapped down flush with the level of the concrete, place two cinder blocks or similar weights on the panel, each mid-way from the center to the edge, to prevent it from “floating” during the curing process. Check the level of the AlertCast about 15 minutes after installation to ensure the proper level of the truncated dome surface has been achieved. In colder environments, insert the panels so that the tops of the domes are flush with the adjacent walking surface to prevent damage by snowplows.

Step 5

Use a concrete edging tool to edge a joint around the perimeter of the panel and then gently smooth the concrete around the edges of the installed AlertCast. Apply a horizontal broom finish to the balance of the curb ramp.

Step 6

Once the concrete has started to cure (generally 4 to 6 hours), remove the counter weights. Do not allow any walking or other forces on the surface until the concrete has completely cured!

Step 7

When fully cured and ready for pedestrian traffic remove protective sheeting by either pulling off of panel or cutting around perimeter then pulling off.


When properly installed, AlertCast will provide years of dependable service. Please follow these instructions carefully.