Installing the Cast-In-Place 

Step 1

Confirm placement of concrete ramp is in full compliance with Federal, State, local standards, building codes, project plans and specifications, prior to installation of AlertCast panel.

Step 2

Concrete physical characteristics shall be consistent with project specifications while maintaining a slump range of 4 -7 inches to insure a solid and stable base for the AlertCast panel.

Step 3

Allow concrete to set up to a semi-solid state prior to installing AlertCast panels. The patented AlertCast PENETRATOR™ anchors are specifically designed to enable ease of installation through minimal aggregate displacement while providing enhanced holding features.

Step 4

Place the AlertCast panel in the required location. Simply press into the wet concrete, then using a rubber mallet tap the AlertCast panel down flush with the level of the adjacent concrete surface. Note: The embedment process shall not be accomplished by stepping on the panel as this may cause uneven setting and potential air voids beneath the panel surface.

Step 5

Once satisfied the AlertCast panel installation is per code and project drawings, finish the concrete ramps and walks per project finishing specifications. During the concrete curing stage avoid standing on the AlertCast panel.

Step 6

While the concrete is still workable, and if desired or required by the project, you can create a finished edge expansion joint around the panel perimeter.

Step 7

Once the concrete is cured and ready for pedestrian traffic, remove any protective plastic covering. It may be necessary to cut the plastic with a sharp knife.


When properly installed, AlertCast will provide years of dependable service. Please follow these instructions carefully.