The original flexible surface applied mat

For asphalt or concrete installations!

Install in Minutes, Comply for Years.

The original surface applied RediMat detectable warning is constructed of extremely durable, UV protected polyurethane. This flexible mat has a proprietary pre-applied adhesive system that enables installation in less than 10 minutes, drastically reducing labor time and expense, but not at the expense of durability.

No adhesives to apply
Simply remove protective backing, exclusive peel and stick technology

Installs on both asphalt and concrete
Multi-surface adhesive system

Conforms to uneven surfaces
Flexible polyurethane material

Will not chip, crack, or splinter

Radius Ready
Available in “Wedge” shape

Beveled Edge
For easy pedestrian access

Customized Applications
Parking structures, asphalt applications, directional bar, and logo mats

The RediMat comes with a 5-year limited warranty against manufacturers defects in workmanship and materials.

Asphalt Applications

Parking Structures with Raised Floor Drilling Restrictions

 RediMat is the perfect mat for parking structures with raised floors and the associated concern or restriction with drilling into these upper floors. For parking structures, we custom manufacture the RediMat so that no drilling or anchors are required to install and provide ADA compliance. RediMats have been used for parking structure applications for years in major projects across the U.S.

Directional Bar Mats

Logo Mats



FED 33538


FED 17038

Brick Red

FED 20109


FED 36118


2′ x 3′

2′ x 4′

2′ x 5′

3′ x 2.5′

3′ x 4′

3′ x 5′

(two 3′ x 2.5′)


10′ Radius

  • Hardness – 90 (Shore A)
  • Stain Resistance – No significant change
  • Dome Spacing – Inline, 2.35″
  • Slip Resistance – .90
  • Taber Abrasion – (1000 gms / 1000 cycles) 150 mgs
  • Color – Integral throughout