All-weather cast iron plates

Unique Interlocking System

Our proven, durable CastIron plates are built to withstand the rigors of cold, harsh climates where snow removal is a concern. The plates provide full ADA and DOT compliance while maintaining excellent long-term durability backed by a 7-year warranty.

Extreme Durability

  • Premium Class 35 exterior grade gray iron
  • Snowplow resistant for long-term performance

Contractor Friendly Installations

  • Unique interlocking system for adjacent panels
  • Vent hole on top to release air and ensure solid embedment
  • Lighter weight for fast, easy installations

ADA / DOT Compliance

  • Meets or exceeds standard specification requirements of AASHTO M 333-16 for detectable warning surfaces
  • Truncated domes at a nominal height of .2”, diameter of .9” and center-to-center spacing of 2.4”
  • Pedestrian safe slip resistance of 1.27 dry / .72 wet per ASTM C1028

Aesthetically Pleasing

  • Weathers to a maintenance-free natural patina finish
Available sizes: 2’x1.5’, 2’x2’, 2’x2.5’

Color: Natural cast iron (weathers to a maintenance-free natural patina finish)