Installing the Cast-In-Place

Step 1

Pour concrete in designated area and finish to a smooth texture. Maintain a slump range of 4-7 to insure a successful installation.

Step 3

When adjacent plates are installed, ensure that the side with the two arches that extend outside the panel on the bottom extends to the side where the next plate will go. The adjacent plate will be the one with the two tabs on the end (see drawing below).

Step 5

Continue this process until all plates have been set onto the wet concrete.

Step 7

Finish surrounding concrete if necessary and remove any wet concrete on the top of the plates with a wet sponge.

Step 2

Place the initial detectable warning plate(s) in the project specified location in regard to the curb line and ramp boundaries.

Step 4

After setting the first plate down do not fully imbed in the concrete. Take the next plate and install by putting the tabs on the bottom into the arches. This is the interlocking system which keeps adjacent panels together in the correct alignment.

Step 6

Imbed plates flush with the concrete by tapping with a rubber mallet until they are level with the surface of the concrete. Any air under the plates will be evacuated through the air vent on the top.

Step 8

Protect installed plates from any foot traffic until concrete is cured.